Transglutaminase (EC is an enzyme produced from a microbial strain with the revolutionary ability to polymerize protein molecules. STABIZYM® TG 500LA is the 3rd generation aseptic liquid preparation that can effectively improve the quality of food, while reducing production costs.

STABIZYM® TG 500LA [500: Enzyme Activity, LA: Liquid Aseptic (Sterile)]

Meat Binding

  • Improves meat texture and binding between pieces of meat
  • Facilitates slicing
  • Reduces water loss during cooking processes
  • Allows more meat trimmings to be used (cost saving)
  • Helps maintain shape in low-quality products

Sausage and Ham

  • Improves texture and meat bite
  • Facilitate the elimination of phosphates
  • Reduces slicing losses
  • Enhances the final texture in low sodium products
  • Helps to reduce final products costs

Surimi & Seafood Products

  • Improves texture and elasticity
  • Reduces the additional proteins to Surimi and seafood
  • Improving the elasticity and firmness the final products
  • Reducing slicing losses, improving final product costs
  • Creates strong bonds between proteins


  • Improves bread production when using low protein wheat flour or damaged wheat flour
  • Improve performance in gluten free products
  • Improve the volume and texture of frozen dough

Dairy (Yogurt, Cheese, etc.)

  • Increase gel strength, facilitates protein loss
  • Reduces syneresis and final products costs
  • Reduces the content of gums and gelatins
  • Increases low fat content product’s creaminess and texture

Sample are Available for Your Testing