Stabizym® is a brand new technical platform for room temperature stable liquid preparation of active proteins. It is based on the amino acid sequence and structure of the proteins analysising. Supported by AI neural network algorithms, the key parameters of active protein’s stability in the aqueous phase was calculated.

Enzymes in this formulation will keep at  “dormant-like stable state“. It can not only protecting the active site of enzymes, but also avoid the inactivation by heat, oxidation, radiation and other factors. Thus protease-like proteins which could auto-catalytic degradation in the aqueous phase aslo stable in liqiud preparation under room temperature.

Features of the Stabizym® is that, once the equilibrium of Stabizym enzyme preparation changed by dilution, the natural activity of the enzyme in the “dormant-like steady state” is immediately “awakened” and its functions of “recognition, catalysis and hydrolysis” are 100% restored.