STABIZYM® High Performance Nuclease

High performance nuclease is an enzyme that cleaves DNA and RNA molecules in the middle. It is a versatile endonuclease for many food processing applications with low cost.

Yeast Processing

  • Stabizym® Nuclease reduces nucleic acids from yeast products or degrades RNA for flavoring nucleotides production.
  • Yeast extract adds umami or other savory flavors to foods like soups and snacks. It releases nucleotides from RNA that enhance flavor and aroma. The nucleotides can also be separated from yeast extract and used as taste enhancers.


  • Hydrolyze macromolecular nucleic acids in raw materials into flavor-producing nucleotides to increase the freshness of the product;
  • Increase the content of small molecule nucleotides in the product and improve the nutritional value of the product.

Processing of Various Savoury Foods

  • In the processing of various savoury foods and seasoned foods,Stabizym® Nuclease is used to hydrolyze nucleic acids in ingredients to bring out the natural umami flavour of the ingredients;
  • With the application of Stabizym® Nuclease, it can reduce the use of MSG, reducing production costs and eliminating concerns about the safety of MSG;

Disruption of Biomembrane Structure

  • Eliminate viral genes, GMO resistance fragments, foreign DNA and other genetic contaminants in food raw materials to comply with regulations and ethical standards
  • Remove BMMFs from dairy and beef products to lower the risk of intestinal cancer and Alzheimer’s disease from bovine-derived foods.

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